The HippMAMA Belt, invented by a mom, is loved by every mom who tries it. This trendy chic nylon belt has five soft neoprene pouches in variable sizes, which all come on and off the belt. You place the pouches around the belt where it is comfortable for you. Wear as many or as few as you need.

The HippMAMA is not only “Hipp” but also very functional. It allows you to have your smart phone, baby bottle, sippy cup, binky, keys, snack, Id, money, even a diaper and wipe right at your fingertips! Leave the bulky bag behind.

This is a "Must have for all Moms!"

Perfect baby shower gift

Whether this is a mom's first baby or a subsequent child, give her the thoughtful gift that really helps a mother stylishly carry all that she needs.


"I used my HippMAMA at a family reunion today!!! I got a bunch of compliments on it and had so much fun talking about it! We were running between our reunion and the park, so with two kids, sippy cups to stay hydrated and pacifiers, etc, it REALLY helped me out today!!! THANK YOU!!!!"

-----Amanda T.

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