The HippMAMA donated belts for Operation Hope's...

The HippMAMA donated belts for Operation Hope's surgical team in Vietnam! They will be traveling to Africa this summer!

"Operation of Hope, RN, Jenny Baurman wearing the Hippmama.. (she really likes it.. )"
- JT.

My sister LOVES her HippMAMA!

"My sister LOVES her HippMAMA! It was so nice to meet & chat with you!"
- Melissa, Little Diva Tutus

The HIPPMAMA is an innovative tool...

"The HIPPMAMA is an innovative tool belt to organize baby items. Let's say you want to walk to the park and don't want to carry a bag, you can wear the HIPP MAMA and bring a bottle,toy, phone, keys, sunscreen, etc. Very cool!"
- Elana P.

Thanks so much for my tool belt!

"HI Shannon!Thanks so much for my tool belt!! What a great idea! Congrats on your new company!!"
- All my best,Christie LynnSmith

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